Monday, March 26, 2018

Vision Board 2018

I finally did it! It took me more than a month to finally come out with a vision board. I have no idea what I want to put in my vision board. There are so many things that my heart desires and it overwhelmed me. This was an assignment for my OLW 2018 class in February. I just wasn't inspired to make one in February. I started collecting photos and saved them in iCloud. I always said that I wanted to make that vision board this weekend but that didn't happened.

When I saw that my son already making his vision board as his iphone wallpaper, I decided that I need to just make them with photoshop. I decided to make two version of the vision board, one for my iphone and another one  for my ipad, iMac and Macbook. 

I didn't put my one little word for this on this board. It doesn't feels right. 

Vision board 2018 wallpaper-iphone-1

I wanted to try doing this vision board an old fashion way but somehow that didn't happened. I needed a vision board for my miracle morning. I need something I can look at, visualise myself doing them and feel something either happy, excited, calm, empowering and bless.

I plan to use this vision board everyday for the next 30 days and see how I feel about it. Manifesting something on my vision board is going to be a game I am playing this month.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this will inspired you to make a vision board for yourself. 

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