Friday, March 23, 2018

My Miracle Morning // after a week

Happy Friday everyone! Sending all the love and happiness your way.

Life can be great and magical if you want. I have finally read "The Miracle Morning" book by Hal Elrod. I was totally blown away by the strategies discuss in this book. I finished reading this book in just one day! I was totally blown away by the routine mention in the book. I decided immediately that I want to give this Miracle Morning a try since I have been doing three out of six steps mention daily. It would definitely be nice to add more action to my morning routine. 


The first thing that I thought I am going to have trouble with is to wake up early in the morning. I am already waking up at 5:30am every morning and I need to add one more hour (which is 4:30am) is going to be hard for me.
As it turn out that waking up at 4:30am is not that hard. I just have to let go of the believe that I need to sleep 8 hours every night. The moment I let that go, waking up at 4:30am comes easily. This should be a great practice when Ramadan comes.

Day 1:
I was at The Imperial Heritage Hotel for work and I adjusted my wake up time at 5:45am. For "Silence" I choose to do Solah Sunat Tahajud and Solah Sunat Taubat. It's the two solah sunat that I have been wanting to do for the longest time consistently but the habit never stuck. I also included Dua and recite two pages of verses from Quran. Then when Suboh came I did my Solat Suboh. After that I did the Affirmation and Visualisation in under 5 minutes. Then I Write my gratitude journal and morning pages on my DayOne app for about twenty minutes. Then I set my time for 10 minutes and continue Reading the Magic book. The last thing I did for the first day was Exercise. Since I was not at home, I decided to do 10 minutes Abs workout from youtube. I feel so much better after doing these simple routine. I know myself. I need a little bit structure in my life I am happy the Miracle Morning help with that.

Day 2:
The is my second day of doing Miracle Morning. I am at home for day two so I woke up at 4:30am. I used to love waking up early especially during Ramadan. I don’t know what happened that lately I have trouble getting out of bed. Alhamdulillah I am able to get up, take my wudu’ and solah sunat tahajud and solah sunat taubat. I really like reciting Quran early in the morning. It helps to boost my mood and set my energy for the day. Ever since I discovered the law of attraction and become aware of it,  I understand what reciting quran did to us as a human being. The words of Allah is so powerful that it released these postive energy in the world/ universe. I am more excited to recite Quran and listen to Quran daily. Now I am making listening to Quran as part of my night routine. I would set a time for 18 minutes and play Surah Al Waqiah and Al Mulk. I listen to it untill I fell asleep. I am programing my brain to calm down and fall asleep to the sound of reciter of Quran. Quran is one of the miracle that Prophet Muhammad left to us. It’s a gift that cannot be replaced. Everyone and everybody should have Quran in their home. 
Oh by the way I did Silence, Affirmation, Visualisation, Writing, Reading and Exercise in about one and half minutes. 

Day 3:
By the third day, I was so excited to wake up early in the morning 4:30am. I enjoyed my solah sunat routine this early in the morning. Writing in my journal has become easier especially when it comes to writing my gratitude this early in the morning. Right now I am doing my gratitude journal using 5 minutes journal strategy. I am planning to do ten gratitude lists daily after I have completed doing 30 day miracle morning challenge. I was also excited to do Speed 2.0 exercise from T25 workout program. This workout definitely got me pumping.


Day 4:
My fourth day of miracle morning was on Saturday. I usually woke up at 6:30am during weekend. Today I decided to set my alarm at 5:30am but somehow woke up at 4:45am! Amazing!
I wanted to continue doing the Miracle Morning even on weekend. I want to feel productive even though I don't have to go to work. 

Day 5:
I am having a hard time waking up at 5:15am on the fifth day. I wanted to stay in bed a little bit longer so I hit the snooze button. Then after 3 minutes I feel the need to get up and be ready for the day. Today is going to be a great day. I started my morning with solah sunat tahajaud, solah sunat taubat, doa and recite Quran. I decided to do exercise a little bit later just because I don’t to lose the moment because I know in a few minutes Suboh will be here. So I went down stairs make myself a cup of coffee and now I am sitting at my desk writing in my Dayone app journal. At first I write three things I am grateful for. Now I understand why 5 minute journal suggest writing the gratitude early in the morning. Starting the day with things that you are grateful for is a good way to have an amazing day. After listing three things that I am grateful for I immediately open my morning pages journal and write away. Do my affirmation and visualization before I start my Solah Suboh. Exercise is the last practice I am going to do this morning. By 7:30 am I am done with my Miracle Morning routine and I was feeling great!

Day 6:
I cannot believe that I have survived doing this practice on weekend. And I cannot believe that this practice have helped me to feel more grateful with my life. Day sixth was on Monday and I am so excited to start my Miracle Morning. I am almost finished with reading the Magic book. Reading for 10-15 minutes has been a blessing for me. I asked Siri to set a time for 15 minutes and when the time's up, I closed my book and get ready for work.

Day 7:
I was having trouble waking up this morning. I think it was because of my night routine was a little bit off. I need to have a stable night routine so that I can easily fall asleep earlier and ease easily into sleep. I don’t have the energy to do hard workout this morning, so I decided to do Rebecca Lois Arm workout and abs workout, which took me less than 25 minutes to complete. 

In a nutshell these are the breakdown of my miracle morning routine.
4:30 am - the sound of my alarm clock wake me up. I get up and brush my teeth and take my abulation.
4:40 am - I did my Solah Sunat Tahajud, Solah Sunat Taubat, Dua and recite Quran
5:00 am - Exercise usually Shaun T's Speed 2.0 from T25 workout  program
5:30 am - I did 5 minutes of affirmation and visualisation
5:35 am - Shower
5:45 am - I sit down in front of my computer and write in my gratitude journal and morning pages.
6: 08 am - I set my timer for 10 minutes and read a book
6:20 am - I did Solah Suboh after that getting ready for work

What I learned from doing this practice for a week?
- Waking up earlier in the morning is not as hard as I first thought it would be
- I feel excited and energize after I take my abulation 
- reciting Quran early in the morning helps me to feel the beautiful energy from the verses from Quran and it calms my nerves
- I am so excited to write in my journal and feeling abundance with all of my gratitude lists. I finally understand what it feels like to start the day with the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude is definitely helps me to feel safe and abundance. Syukur is magic.
- In a week I have finished reading The Magic book! This is amazing to me because I always have trouble finishing a book faster than I would have like.

I highly highly highly recommend reading the Miracle Morning book and do the 30 days challenge. 
This practice will definitely help you grow and be more productive before 8:00am. Now I understand why in Islam we are encourage to wake up before dawn, remember Allah by Solah and reciting Quran. Doing these two is enough to makes you feel better about yourself and your life.. and if you added four more productive actions and help boost your vibration and feel happier.

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