Saturday, December 23, 2017

Eyecandy for my soul // ColorTherapy App

Happy weekend to all my lovely readers. I hope that your weekend is full with beautiful and creative projects. I don't have any specific program planned. After two weeks vacation abroad all I want to do is stay at home, catch up on my favorite TV shows, movie binging and do some digital coloring. 


I love coloring and anything related to designing and creating something beautiful. I discovered my passion for digital art when I fell in love with digital scrapbooking almost eighteen years ago. If I knew that I have the talent for it I might not study computer science. Anyway fast forward to the future, right now I am obsessed with Adult Coloring. I have tried doing the old fashion way with physical books and color pencils but that didn't stick long. Maybe I didn't have the passion and the proper skills to make things pretty physically. Ever since I discovered Color Therapy app and learn a few technique on Color Therapy app youtube channel, I have been coloring more and more. It's like the cheapest therapy I can buy. I feel happy and clam while coloring the black and white digital paper.

Things I love about Color Therapy App
  • the portability of the app. I can color anywhere and any time I like. Not carrying coloring book and cases fill with coloring pens and pencils
  • Color Therapy app has a community that share their work online. So there are tons of inspiration to get you started
  • There are a lot of color palettes to choose from. You have endless colors at your disposal. I wish I have the eye and the skills to choose the right color
  • Your Apple Pencil works great with this app too. That means you have the options of coloring like a regular coloring book.
  • This app also have the option of changing the lines and adding special effects to your work to make them more stunning like adding watercolor effect, canvas effect and many more.
  • I am also in love with the Color Therapy App youtube channel which has a lot of tutorial that I can follow along.

What I hope they will add
  • An option to import my own coloring pages. I have a lot of coloring books which I would love to color and preferable in digital format
  • Search features for colors because sometimes it is very hard for me to remember where the particular of green located. 
  • And option to have my favorite color pallete is also welcome.
Here are a few pages that I colored so far with this app

Coloring Coloring Coloring Coloring Coloring Coloring Coloring Coloring Untitled Untitled

I really enjoyed this coloring app. I did not missed using pencils color and pens. I feel the same satisfaction with my ipad and apple pencil coloring away to my heart desire. I am in love.

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