Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Today I intend to....

I am having a really bad year. 2017 has not been so good to me. I am trying so hard to stand up and be strong. "You are stronger than you think" has been my mantra for the last few months. I have to constantly remind myself that I am strong, I can do this and I am more than my problem. Some days I feel happy and on top of the world, and some days I felt so depress and broken. It has been one hell of a ride. 
The only thing that I can do at the moment is to take day one day at a time. If I can survive today than I will survive tomorrow. Focus all of my energy to stay positive. 

So today I intend to....

Today I intend to ....

 ..... focus on my packing lists for Turkey 
 ..... make a lists of all the things I wanted to see in Turkey
 ..... do one hour of exercise 
 ..... eat less and move more
 ..... watch "Fresh Out of the Boat" on hulu
 ..... download two workout videos on my iPad
 ..... prepare my hand luggage for my trip
 ..... research on Kindle Oasis 2017
 ..... update my blog
 ..... do some journaling
 ..... coloring while listening to 'Behind Her Eyes" audiobook
 ..... dance like no one's watching
 ..... smile more

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