Friday, May 5, 2017


I can't believe that my eldest son is twenty years old today. (i know I know I said this every year!!)

05.05.2017 - Happy birthday to my dear son, may all of your dreams comes true.

Twenty things I love about you

  1. You have so much love to give
  2. It's so easy to talk to you
  3. I love your artistic side
  4. I love how creative you are
  5. Your cool and collective nature
  6. You rarely say no to me
  7. I love the foot massage that only you can give me
  8. I love that we like most of the same things
  9. You keep your promise
  10. You have a talent for managing money
  11. We enjoy the same movie and TV show
  12. You are my anchor
  13. Your concern for others is contagious
  14. The day you got your driving licence was the best day of my life. It means I can finally relax from driver duty
  15. I love that I can trust you
  16. I love that you are not a shame to be seen with me
  17. I was a mother for the first time with you
  18. You are the precious gift from Allah 
  19. You are growing up into adulthood beautifully
  20. I love you.. there's no one like you in this world

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