Sunday, April 9, 2017

🍎 Project 365 [ Day 97 - Day 99]

I am still resting at home. My son is still on antibiotic medicine which I have to give to him twice a day on schedule. I spend the day working out, trying very hard to be fit and healthy. Taking photos with Canon Powershot G7x Mark II is so much fun. I forgot how fun it was to take photos with a camera. I need to do that more often. Camera phone is great and all because you always have a phone with you but the experience is not the same with a real camera. I don't know how to explain but it feels good. 

Here are my photos for day 97 - day 99 taken with Canon Powershot G7X

Day 97-365
Day 97 - I have been spending my time taking care of a sick child at a hospital. Alhamdulillah I have my kindle to keep me company for a few hours while this little boy was sleeping.

Day 98-365
Day 98- I am at home finally. Taking a photo of my son with his new hair do which I don't really approved. Hemmmm..

Day 99-365
Day 99 - I bough this cute car at IOI City Mall. Such a fun car to look at and to drive. It has a retro feel to it. 😀

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