Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What is progress? Fit2017 Check In

I am listening to this month 's Fit2017 monthly message. It's always inspiring listening to Cathy talked about fitness and attitude. This class is more about document your fitness journey and tune in your attitude towards improving your health. 

I totally need this. I have been so discourage with my progress lately. Nothing seems to work. Maybe I am getting older, maybe I need to tweak a little bit, surprised my body and let it work harder than usual. The thing about your body, it will adjust to what ever resistant you put your body through. That is why you cannot do the same workout over and over again.


My plan for this month is to:
- Do Insanity Max 30 program for two months
- Learn to eat better
- Once a week challenge my heart and body to two hours of intense workout
- don't stop drinking three litter or water daily
- I might stop focusing on steps count and focus more on hitting at least 40 minutes of intense workout a day. 
- Do 10 minutes hardcore workout at least four times a week 
- Focus more on non scale victory, celebrate it and not worry too much about the scale
- buy at least one new clothes this month which is one size smaller than last month

February was such a weird month in Malaysia. It seems like the raining season is here to stay. I am not able to run in the evening because it kept raining. So the only option that I have is to do my running in the morning or try to get 5km of workout at home by doing country heat and T25. I don't have any treadmill at home. I am don't really like using machine for my workout. It feels a bit restricted and I get bored easily. Finding activities that you enjoy doing is the key to be consistent. Fitness is never a destination , it's a journey. Taking care of your health and body should be a priority. 

I am having so much fun documenting my progress in my Fit2017 digital journal. It's easy and it's fun. So for March I will continue documenting my progress in this digital journal. 

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