Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 54:365 // #thursday3 [23.02.2017]

I am loving my Thursday so far.
Day 54-365


1. - I've finished reading " Talking As Fast As I Can" by Lauren Graham in two days. I love her book so much. It's definitely different than reading " Scrappy Little Nobody" by Anna Kendrick

2.- I am suddenly in the mood for watching some old movies and old TV shows like Charmed, Twilight, Striking Distance, Untamed Heart and many more

3.- I am trying doing a journal using GoodNotes app. I am loving it so far and it's so much fun.

Think about it this way…If you take one picture and write down three facts each week — at the end of the year you’ll have more than 50 photos of yourself and 150 facts about what life has been like. It would make such an epic All About Me book — and most of the work is already done." -


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