Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 52:365 // Look Up

I started reading this book yesterday and today I am almost finished. I have so much fun reading " Talking as fast as I can" by Lauren Graham. I love reading her words in the book, so down to earth, fun and heartwarming. I can totally relate to her - we both remember Happy Days, remember what it was like to grow up without internet and cellphone, remember what overshared means and remember what it feels like to write a letter to someone. When I read a chapter - A Note from Your Friend Old Lady Jackson - reflect exactly how I felt about young generation. Her letter My dearies really got me thinking about my life right now. I need to take a break from technology, learning to talk to people again, read a book not facebook status, write a proper sentence not emoji or short word that I don't even understand. 

I really really like this "If you never look out the window of a subway car, how will you see the boats gliding by on the East River, or have an idea that only you could have? Just look up for no reason, just for a moment here and there, or maybe for an entire day once in a while. Let the likes go unchecked and the quality of sleep go unnoticed. Que sera sera, my dears - whatever will be will be, whether we're tracking it on our GPS devices or not.
Look up! Look up! What you see might surprise you." excerpt form Talking As fast As I can book. Wow! These words really have impact on me. 

Just Look Up!

Day 52-365

 "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"~ Coco Channel

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