Thursday, January 26, 2017

Day 26:365 // #thursday3

Happy Thursday everyone! I am feeling a bit tired today. After four days of intensive training I think I needed a break. Today is definitely going to be light day for me. Hopefully I don't over indulge.

day 26/365


1. - I can't believe that after almost a year I am still having so much fun planning with the iPlanner on my ipad pro. I think Apple Pencil has a lot to with this. Writing so Apple Pencil feel like a real thing

2.- My new purple hijab for hike to Pine Tree Next week. I hope that everything will go smoothly as plan.

3.- I am extremely happy that in less than two months I have successfully loose 36cm all over. That is a good number to loose. I hope than I can shred a few more centimetres in the next few weeks.

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