Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Beautiful December

I am so ready to take a long leave. December is definitely not the month to embark on any new projects at work. It's school holiday time and I can't wait to wrap up the year and start a new year. 


Things that I do to prepare for new year
1. Choose my 2017 planner. I decided to go digitally with iPlanner 2017 Daily and a bullet journal. I am in love with bullet journal system
2. Plan for a mini vacation
3. Redecorate my office. I did this little ritual almost every year. 
4. Back to school shopping
5. I am so looking forward to 2017. I pray and hope that 2017 will be the year of prosperity and wealth
6. Decide on a colour scheme or a theme for new year family photo shoot. The colour that has been lingering on my mind right now is purple and lime green
7. finished up my 2016 project, print out photo book and back up my 2016 photos
8. decide on 2017 projects - Project 365, Project 52 
9. choose 2017 one little word
10. donate old clothing to make room for a new one

It really takes a lot of endurance, commitment and passion to be where I am right now. Life hasn't be easy for me. I have been bless with beautiful friends, family, co worker and beautiful place that I can call home which helps to make life a little be easier and beautiful. I have so much faith and hope that 2017 will be awesome!!!

I am in love with Josh Gallagher . I will definitely buy his album.

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