Tuesday, September 20, 2016

10 things Right Now... Because life happens.....

I am not feeling like myself lately. Everything seems a bit off. I have no idea why. Life feels a bit predictable. I do have to remind myself that my life is good and I have to be thankful. Nothing in this world is permanent. I have so many worries and concerns at the moment that kept me awake at night.

(me right now 2016)

1. I am afraid that I am failing as a mother. I just don't know how to be so many things at once.

2. I am worried that I am not giving my all to my family, myself, my religion and my work

3. It has been a really long time since I pamper myself

4. I am missing my mom so much and it hurts. I fantasies about seeing my mother again all the time. I don't know who I am without her.

(me in 2009)

5. I wanted to quit blogging for the longest time but I just can't bring myself to do it. Just like I can't quit my job even though I don't feel like I am doing my best anymore.

6. I can't seems to loose that last 3 kilos as easily as I used to. I need a new strategy to get back in the game.

7. I wanted so bad to own an iPhone 7 plus this year but somehow the price is way too high at the moment. Malaysian Ringgit is so bad right now , I really missed the time when Ringgit was only $3.0 against USD$1.

8. I missed doing the things I used to do and loving it. After awhile I wanted to do something more, I wanted to learn something amazing and creative. 

9. I wanted to just sit down and read for pleasure. I haven't got to do this in a really long time. Even during a vacation all I wanted to do was sleep when I am in a hotel.


10. I am loving iOS 10. 

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