Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TV Series that I am loving right now 2016

Summer is almost over. All of my favorite TV shows will be back for Fall (hopefully all of them). I am a bit sad when I heard that they are not going to continue with a new season for Grandfather and Telenovela. 

In the meantime I enjoyed watching these shows either on Netflix, iflix, hulu or cinemabox. Some of the shows are still running and some of them are already got canceled.

1. Wayward Pines Season 2
- This show is getting weird by the minute. I am not sure if they will bring back the show for season 3

2. Happy Ending [Season 1 - Season 3]
I am currently catching up watching these series and I enjoyed it so much. It feels like F.R.I.E.N.D.S

3. Younger [Season 1 - Season 2]
I love this show. It "follows 40-year-old Liza (Foster), a suddenly single mother who tries to get back into the working world, only to find out it's nearly impossible to start at the bottom at her age. When a chance encounter with a 20-something guy at a bar convinces her she looks younger than she is, Liza tries to pass herself off as 26 -- with the help of a makeover, courtesy of her best friend Maggie (Mazar). Armed with new confidence, she lands a job as an assistant to the temperamental Diana (Shor) and teams up with her new co-worker and fellow 20-something Kelsey (Duff) to make it in the career of her dreams. " Written by TVland excerpt from imdb.com

4. Lost girl [Season 1 - Season 2]
I like the show in the beginning but I am not liking where the show is heading. I am not sure if I will continue watching the show. Maybe after I get over the idea of Bo and Dyson getting back together.

5. Devious Maids [ Season 4]
My favorite show during Summer. 

6. Mistresses [ Season 4]
I have skipped season 3 all together because I can't accept the show without Alyssa Milano. After a year I started watching Season 4 and I am enjoying the show so much. Maybe I will go back to season 3 and watched it

7. Pretty Little Liars [ Season 7]
I have been watching this show since season 1 and I still enjoyed it so much especially when the girls started to wear Apple Watch.

8. Jennifer Falls [Season 1]

I really like this show, too bad it got canceled. Urgh!!!

9. Dark Matter [ Season 1]

I put this show on my list base solely on the synopsis of the tv series. I love story about space and memory lost.

10. Lie To Me [ Season 3]
I like this show. It's about Cal Lightman, the world's leading deception expert who studies facial expression and body language to read people. Too bad it's only survive until season 3.  

These lists alone enough to keep be occupied until Fall. What about you? Do you have any TV Series that you are currently watching. Tell me what other TV series I should put on my lists.

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