Monday, August 15, 2016

#listersgottalist August 2016 part one

Earlier this year I decided to used this book as a home for my #listersgottalist challenge for a year. It works fined for a few months but after awhile I got bored with the designs. It felt the same every month and I really missed writing my lists in a plain notebook. 

I stopped playing for awhile just because I don't feel like it and I was in a rut. This month I decided to do the list challenge again because I missed listing. I decided to used a different notebook as a home for my lists. I choose a B6 size notebook by Peter Pauper Press which I bought from Border Bookstore to host my lists. My plan is to keep the list as simple as possible using pens, washi tapes and stickers. 


I main objective for doing the lists was not to have a fancy journal but to have a memories of my life at this point in time in a lists format. I have to remind myself, my list is my main character and main story. 

I am thinking about joining 30 days of lists challenge in September but I am still not sure about that. I do missed 30 days of lists challenge.

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