Monday, July 4, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Ramadan

I am writing this post at night, the last night of Ramadan. I am sad. Tomorrow will be the last day of fasting. I love fasting. It's a great way to clean your soul, a great way to clean your eating habits and a great way to be humble.

After tomorrow things will be back to normal for some of us but for those who has adopt a new habit will continue cultivate those habit even though Ramadan is no longer here.

5 habits that I picked up during fasting and Ramadan that I would like to continue doing are.....

1. Waking up early in the morning before Suboh. It was the best time to be with you and your creator. A good time to Solah, recite Quran, read and reflect. I would definitely love to continue cultivate this habit.

2. Eat less and move more. Eating only two times a day really save a lot of time. You save time during the day with not thinking about food. I think for me sleep feel so much important than food. I love jogging and climbing the stairs during fasting. I think I burn more calories.

3. Catching up sleep during the day. I know that I definitely cannot get seven hours of sleep during the night so catching up some sleep before Zohor is definitely a must for me. I tend to keep that habit and try to catch up some sleep anyway I can

4. Recite Quran any chance I get even though it's only a few verses. I fell in love with Quran all over again during Ramadan. I tend to keep this habit continue living with Quran

5. I am able to plan better. Begin with the end in mind is an everyday thing. Everything that we do during fasting and Ramadan is time sensitive. So I have to plan accordingly for niat, Sahur, break fast, solah, tatawikh and many more. I intend to keep planning my life this way. Everything that I do should have the end in mind for Allah blessing. The ultimate goal is always going to Jannah.

Habit makes harder tasks seems easy and automatic. I love habits and I love not to make a decision when it comes to quest for Allah blessing. Life is short, so live according to a lifestyle that is already map out for us.

So what habits did you cultivate during Ramadan that you want to continue doing?

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