Monday, May 16, 2016

iPlanner Setup 2016 [May]

Hello everybody! I am excited today because I have been meaning to do a blog post about this for awhile now.

I have been switching from ipad to my kikki k planner for awhile now. I am still trying to make my ipad as my main planner but somehow writing on an ipad wasn't as much fun as writing with pen and paper ... well until now.

Last month I decided to upgrade my ipad to iPad Pro 9.7" just because I wanted the Apple Pencil. From what I read and watch on youtube the Apple Pencil works amazing with the iPad Pro 12".

I am so happy that I made the switch. Writing with the Apple Pencil on my iPad is everything that I image what it would be. No more unexpectedly disconnected from the iPad.

Suddenly I realised that I have been using my iPad more and more and I have not touch my planner in a while. I just realise that I can truly use my iPad as my Digital Planner now. The only limitation was the app that you used.

As for now I am still using GoodNotes app and it works perfectly with Apple Pencil.


1. iPlanner horizontal weekly planner 2015-2106 - personal planning

2. iPlanner Daily 2016 - this is my main planner for work and life. I do all my planning in here.
(I can actually put all these notebooks into section but I just like to see them in separate notebook for easy access)

3. Brain Dump - where I list all of the things that occupy my brain into random lists

4. Ramadan Journal - I already setup a separate journal for Ramadan. I am still struggling with menu planning for the month especially during Sahur

5. Fitness Journal - I am migrating my fitness journal into this notebook. I am making it like a bullet journal style. I really love the freedom of bullet journal.

6. Project 2016 - This will host my planning for 2016 projects at work. My place to plan and monitor the progress of things that in my scope of work

7. Notes - a place where I write on things that I learned either from books, blogpost or youtube

8. Journal - a place where I can write my thoughts and feelings randomly without editing.

I might add a few more notebooks if I feel like I need them. For now I am happy with I this setup. It works perfectly for me. I love writing and doodling in this app. I still use Kikki K planner at work for the things that I have not migrated yet and it stays at work.

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