Tuesday, April 5, 2016

iflix the next best thing

I discovered iflix last year from facebook feed. Back then I already subscribed to netflix and hulu. I was curious about what iflix has to offer so I try it for a month. During that time there wasn't a lot of the content streaming from iflix. I think I tried it for another month before deciding to subscribe. I think the Scorpion and Episodes tv shows that made me decided to subscribe.

What I like about iflix
- the price is cheaper than astro and you can watch any show you want at any time
- It has all of the tv shows that I love like Agents of Shield, Friends, Haven, Teen Wolf and many more
- I like that they allow us to download movies or tv shows to be view when there wasn't any internet connection. This is definitely useful for traveling
- I like that they don't restrict the content geographically. I wish they have iflix app on Apple TV tvOS so that I can watch movies on a big screen
- I really think that if they can stream more content, iflix will be the best option for internet tv
- Currently they only have apps for mobile devices. So I basically watch iflix on my iPad 
- Subtitles for foreign movies and tv shows is a plus.

I highly recommend iflix for a decent content streaming in Malaysia. You can even try it for free first before subscribing. And if you have unifi or celcom you get iflix for free.

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