Saturday, March 12, 2016

Follow me to a bookstore

Happy Saturday and happy school holiday to all. I am always happy when school holiday starts. I like having my kids around the house even though they make a mess. I was in a good mood this morning and I decided to take my kids for Saturday outing. It has been a long time since the last time I went to my favourite bookstore - Kinokuniya located at KLCC. I love this place because they have almost everything that I wanted in a bookstore. If possible I wanted to live in this bookstore.

The best time to go here is early in the morning. We arrived at Kinokuniya at 10:00 am and there were still not many people around. This place can get crowded during weekend.

I found the sequel to Me before you.  I don't really like the cover. I think I should wait since I have not finished reading Me Before you book.

So many books on parenting.. hemmmm which one to choose,,

hem... Work Pump Repeat.. I probably will buy this book if I'm still breastfeeding..
This guy will grab any books that within his reached

The Wild diet. I am curious to know more about this diet plan ever since I saw him in My Diet is Better than yours tv show on hulu.

Yes I love the Girl on the train, I am going to give this book a try.
Beautiful colourful pens

I think I spend about one and a half hours here, browsing, taking photos and just be a place where knowledge is every where.

I hope you have fun following me around at my favourite bookstore. Have a creative and pleasant weekend everyone!


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