Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lets Talk about iPad Air 3

I was disappointed last year when Apple only announce iPad Mini will get an upgrade and there's no mention of iPad Air 3. I like iPad mini but I love iPad Air more. Till this day I still believe that Steve Jobs got it right, the size of the iPad Air is perfect not too small and not too big, just right. I am hoping that they will upgrade iPad Air sometime in the future and not abandon the model.

In early February I heard and watch a lot of rumours on internet land that Apple will release a new iPad Air 3 sometime in March. They also talk about iPhone 7 and iPhone 5se (which I think it's horrible name) which I am not going to talk about today. Today is all about iPad Air 3.

There's a lot of rumour going around about the iPad Air 3 specs like 3D touch (which is nice to have but not necessary), faster processor, better camera and probably will support apple pencil. If all the rumours are true I will definitely upgrade mine just because I am a sucker for pens and pencils and the apple pencil look so cool.

My hope for the new iPad Air 3 :

1. Faster processor

2. Bigger space - no more 16GB model. Hopefully the 128GB will be more cheaper now. I hope (heheheh)

3. Rose Gold color

4. better connection with third party stylus ( I love to write on my iPad Air)

5. iBook Store to be available in my region ( this may not be an iPad Air 3 specific , I just throw in there because it has been on my wish list of a long time) - I love reading on my iPad Air.

6. Better speaker but please don't take away the earphone jack

7. Longer Battery life is a must. 

8. Bigger RAM will be great too

I am hoping March 15 will be the day of the event but if it's not I can wait a little bit longer because I have been waiting for it since last year.

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