Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How I setup Habit Tracker 2016 (Erin Condren Notebook)

Earlier this month I shared how I setup my Erin Condren Notebook. Since than I have been on the look out for ways to optimise this notebook. It's too pretty to be use only once in a while or once a week. 
I stumbled upon the idea of setting up my notebook to track habit on youtube especially when I watch Bullet Journal flip through video. I like the idea of colouring the day after you have accomplished the habit. In a month you are going to have a statistical view of your habit.

I made this template from Microsoft Excel and shrink it to size. It's just a column numbered 1 through 31 and a column to write your task or habit you want to track daily.

I printed eleven sheets and paste them in Erin Condren Notebook.

I am still trying out this idea because so far I have no idea how many tasks or habits I want to track in a month. This is what I have so far and why I want to track them.

1. Inbox Zero - this is the one thing for work that I really want to practice this month and this year. Keeping my email inbox to zero is very important to me because I don't want to have things sent to me without me assigning them to something or delete it completely from my inbox. It's one little task/habit I want to practice to have a clear mind.

2. Drink 2 lit. of water - Instead of checking of the 8oz cup I am going to color the day when I finished drinking 2 lit of water. It's more cost effective for me to do so.

3. Running - I have always love running but lately I have not engage in this activity in a really long time. It would be nice to start at least once or twice a week this month.

4. Take Stairs - I want to be able to carry my body easily and effortlessly. Taking stairs where ever possible especially at work is very important to me. 

5. Insanity Max 30 - This month workout program is Insanity Max 30. So this month I want to keep track of the days I am doing this workout.

6. Write Journal - I love journaling and doodling. It's a fun and creative ways for me to document the everyday life, uncensored and put everything in context.

7. Call abah - Keeping in touch my family is very important to me. So I want to have a visual reminder of this habit so that I will not go a week without at least give my dad a call and say hello

8. Recite Quran - the habit for my soul that I want to inject into my life daily

9. Listen to Quran recital - another habit for my soul to make Quran part of my life

10. Backup photos - I have always wanted to do this but somehow I ended up not doing it. It's the only tasks I have not started this month. Hem need to do something about it.

11. #listersgottalist challenge - one of a daily project I want to this year. I have already got a book for this. The only thing I have to do is just write the lists base on the daily prompt. 

12. Plank for 1 minute - I saw My Diet is Better than Your program on hulu and I was so inspired to try and do plank moves for at least one minute a day. I just want to know if I can do it.

WOW twelves tasks/habit in a month to keep track of. It's a bit much I know but I have to start somewhere so that I get an overview of my habits. Hopefully I am able to keep it up. I think the act of colouring the box after accomplish a task is a reward for me. 

I am going to comeback to this habit tracker next month just to see if there's a change and if this tracker help me develop new habit.

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