Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Project Life 2015 Round Up // Volume 2

Project Life™ is a system created by Becky Higgins. To learn more about this approach to saving your memories, click here 
I have been actively involved with Project Life system since 2013. I usually make my layout using Adobe Photoshop on my computer. Since late 2014, I have been using Project Life app on my phone and I was totally hooked! Love the app so much 

In August 2015, I made a photo book out of my project life layouts from week 01 until week 27. ( volume one for 2015). I do not want my photo book to be so thick and heavy so I decided to make two volumes.

I made Project Life 2015 Volume two last Saturday and I received the book today. I have been a customer of Photobook Malaysia for a few years now and I am happy with the services. I usually bought a coupon code when they have a sale and used the code to order my book. It's way more cheaper.


I kept the cover design the same. I just add volume 02 text on the front.

I kept the front page simple.

I did not order the lay flat version. Hemm maybe for this year I should try it.
I think it cost higher than the normal one.

[Week 28 - Week 53]

Week 28aWeek 28b

Week 29a Week 29b Week 30a Week 30b Week 31a-web Week 31b-web Week 32a-web Week 32b-web Week 33a-web Week 33b-web Week 34a-web Week 34b-web Week 35a Week 35b Week 36a-web Week 36b-web Week 37a-web Week 37b-web Week 38a-web Week 38b-web Week 39a-web Week 39b-web Week 40a-web Week 40b-web Week 41 a Week 41b Week 42a-web Week 42b-web Week 43a-web Week 43b-web Week 44a-web Week 44b-web Week 45a-web Week 45b-web Week 46a-web Week 46b-web Week 47a-web Week 47b-web Week 48a-web Week 48b-web Week 49a-web Week 49b-web Week 50a-web Week 50b-web Week 51a-web Week 51b-web Week 52a-web Week 52b-web Week 53-web
(disclaimer: 90% of these layouts were made using Project Life app. The other 10% were made using Project Life template and Adobe Photoshop on my computer)

WOW! What a ride?! So many things happened in the last six months and I am so glad I took the time to record it. 

I hope this will inspire you to cultivate a good life and record it. It's totally worth it. Life is short. Record them.

Are you doing Project Life in 2016? 

What's in your 2015 Project Life? 
Did you print them out and 
store them in your album?

One more thing before I go, don't forget to back up your photos!

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ilass said...

Super like your photobook!

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