Saturday, January 23, 2016

6 things you can do before end of Januay

I know January is coming to an end. If you like me (crazy planner girl) you probably have set up your planner for the rest of 2016. I have a confession to make here, I haven't got a planner peace yet. That means I have not yet decide on my planner for the year and how many planner I am going to use this year. Last week I have set a goal for myself to use only three planner this year but my challenge is to choose which three. I have lots of planners and I love them all.

I guess it's not too late to setup planner, buy a planner and even set goals for the rest of the year.  There's still a few days left before end of January and there's a lot you can do in terms of setting your goals and take actionable things to be happy

#1. Watch Youtube channel that inspire you.

And many more....
I always get amazing ideas after watching youtube channel related to planners and goal setting. I like seeing how others do things and how they make every thing works for them. 

#2. Read Getting Things Done by David Allen.
If you only read one book this year, get this book. It will definitely change your life forever and really help you with planning and organising your life

#3. Try using iPlanner this year
I have been obsess with iPlanner since it was introduced last year. I love iPad and I love writing on my iPad. Going digital has been my dream for a really long time. Check out this video tutorial for how to. It's so simple and works like paper planner. I love love it. Sometimes I can just get lost in time just decorating this planner.

#4. Write your goals
There's nothing like seeing your intention and goals in front of you in your own handwriting or own word. I recommend that you type your goals, print them out and laminate them. It's the list that you are going to see every single day of the year. I am enjoying looking at my lists so far. It look so pretty in my planner.

#5. Join One Little Word workshop
I love Ali Edward workshop. Her class is usually more about finding yourself and documenting them in the process. I am joining her one year long workshop this year called One Little Word. It's not too late to choose your word this month. I know that she sell a few products related to this workshop but it's optional. You can use what ever you want. The best part about this class is it helps me stay connected with my word monthly. Her assignment has help me to learn more about myself, learn and evolve as a human being.

#6. Make an inspirational board
I am using Evernote as a place where I collect all my inspiration. Pinterest board is also a good place to setup and collect inspiration. I found out that inspiration board is a great visual reminder for me. I like to stay focus this year and this technique is really good for me to keep what I want to achieve visually where I can access any time and any where.

I hope that these six suggestion will help you in terms of setting up your planner and goals for 2016. Just remember that you can always hit the reset button. 

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