Tuesday, December 15, 2015

U Mobile is it worth it?

The verdict is in, after lots of thinking and debating I decided to go for U Mobile broadband as my second and backup internet line. I know I know I am pethatic for wanting to be connected all the time. What can I say, I love internet and video streaming. I just can't live a day without interent or without knowing that I have a backup mobile internet with me.

I have been a maxis user for as long as I can remember and I don't have any complain. I just want more GB internet quota with reasonable price. I am hoping that maxis will decrease the price of 9GB internet mobile quota to below RM100 but so far there's nothing. Not even a blip. This force me to look at other mobile services out there like Yes, digi, celcom, uMobile, p1max and redtone. I almost sign up for yes but the 24 months contract really make me think twice. Do I want that kind of commitment with a company I have no idea about? What if I am not satisfied with the services, I have to wait for two years?!

Then I went to U Mobile store at IOI City Mall and I asked about the mobile broadband package. 

I choose MB88 package with free MiFi modem. The beauty of this package is there's no contract and I have to pay about RM160(+6% GST hemmm seriously GST?!!!) for activation and registration. I will get RM10 rebate every month for 10 months for the activation fee.

So far I am happy with the service. I have no complain yet. I can stream video beautifully at home and at work. I am in the middle of watching Once Upon a time and I just can't stop streaming. I wish Malaysia have some kind of package that gives youtube and video streaming for free... that will definitely be an attractive package for me.

I have been using U Mobile to stream videos and Youtube at work for the last two days. The connection from my room is good but the connection from the meeting room which is about 3 - 4 meters from my room is horrible. I am not sure why that's the case. I don't even get any internet connection. My maxis 4G works just fine. 

I haven't tested this network along PLUS Highway and other rural area in Malaysia so I am not sure how's the performance. 

U Mobile

At the moment I recommend U Mobile package for people who need a backup internet connection with reasonable price, free modem and no contract. I will make another review of this broadband network after I used this for more than a month, how long 9GB quota lasted in a month and if I will keep this or terminate the subscription.


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