Monday, December 14, 2015


It's amazing to see how much our lives has changed in the last decade. I was a child born in a world when there wasn't internet or smart phones to get connected. During that time the way for people keep in touch was via a phone call or writing a letter. Life feels a little bit slower. Thoses were the time when the only way to see your photos were to get them developed and printed out on either on a 3R or 4R paper. You have to wait a week before you can see them.

I hate to say that I do missed the good old days. The time where people try so hard to stay connected. I missed receiving love letters from a love one or even from a secret admire. I missed a phone called from a love one. People don't even call anymore.

Now there are too many mediums to keep in touch and stay connected to other people even to strangers. Sadly enough we don't make the same effort to the people that are in front of us. We don't talked to them anymore.

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Husband doesn't talk to the wife
Kids don't talk to their mother
Friends don't talk to friends
Siblings rarely talk to each other

What we do, are talk to followers/ subscribers/ facebook friends or even having affair with other people husbands/wives seems so normal now.
What a strange world we lived in. If you are #notasmartphone people don't even look at you anymore.

When I read A Beautiful Mess blog post today about #instagramhusband, it really got me thinking about how our lives has changed and evolved around selfies and what looks good on instagram. Nothing seems real any more. 

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The more connected we are the more disconnected we've become. It's time for me to do something about it. So here goes nothing.......

In 2016, I am pledging to .....

#1. Be present
- I pledge to keep my phone in my pocket/bag ...
During meeting --- pay attention to the discussion
At home -- talk to my kids and play with them
In a car -- drive and think about life
Make a lists of my to dos to reduce distraction from my phone

#2. Print photos
- I pledge to print at least 80% of all the photos I took
So this means be more selective of things or people that I capture. No more twenty selfies a day. Use more point and shoot camera.

#3. Make exercise/working out a prority
- I pledge to move more, exercise more in 2016 and stop making excuses
Do this not to loose weight but as a way to make myself feel better. Spending one hour exercising means one hour of my life without a phone or facebook.

#4. Recite Quran as much as I need water 
- I pledge to finish reciting Quran at least twice in 2016
I feel like my connection to Allah has slowly decrease. I really need a spiritual boost! Hemmm I need to put this in my planner, maybe making a stickers will help as a reminder

Wish me luck. This is going to be difficult because I am the kind of girl who can't live without internet even for one day.

Have a great holiday and don't forget to take the time to smell the flowers


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