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Tips for getting to work on time

Believe it or not most of government offices still implement a punch card system. Which means we have to be at the office on time not five minutes late. I know it's a ridiculous system to implement since right now most of people work 24/7 - all the time.

Regardless of my personal opinion I still have to make sure that I follow the rule and be at the office on time. It seems easy but believe it or not the majority of people cannot be at the office on time. 

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Working is definitely not the same as school. When you were in school a.k.a college you can basically do whatever you want. You can go to class late and nobody seems to care except for your study buddy.

Work force is different, people care if you are late especially when you have important meeting or you have assignment due that day. It can cause havoc and disturb balance and harmony.

So today I would like to share a few tips how to be on time for work



I know I know if I can wake up early then I don't have have problem getting to work.  It's partly true. Waking up early is the first step to get to work on time. Making a habit of waking up early in the morning have thousands of advantages especially for us Muslim because we can practice our morning prayer early and recite Quran early. How to wake up early you ask? Well that's is going to be a long list/tips that I will discuss in my next post


This is essential. Don't set your mind that the reason you wake up is to go to work. That is not an amazing life to live. Make work or going to work is part of your routine. The great way to start the day is to wake up at least two hours before you have to left the house. If you have kids that are still in school it is definitely important to get them involved in the morning routine as well. 

Some example of a morning routine can be viewed on Youtube -- just search morning routine.

My normal morning routine will be to wake up, look at the clock and see what time it was. I stop myself from checking Facebook or any other social media because that activity can stole my time. I immediate went to the bathroom and do the morning cleaning routine. After that I did my morning prayer and recite a few verses of Quran. And then I wake up my kids because they need time to get ready for school. Then I apply my morning beauty routine like moisturiser, toner, serum and what not. After that I start yelling at my kids of they still have trouble to wake up. Usually after the yelling they woke up. I went downstairs to prepare morning Herbalife shake for me and my husband. I have that for breakfast and other health supplements. Then I started to get ready for work - ware makeup (this routine is optional if I'm tight on time I just skip this), ware my work clothes and hijab. This usually take about 20 minutes. And I'm ready to leave the house and go to work.


It is always a good idea to set goals for tomorrow. Things you want to accomplish. It's amazing how by setting goals you are more incline to do it. It is also true if the day before you have set your mind that you want to wake up early and you want to be at work 20 minutes early then you are more likely to accomplish it.

4. DOA

You have nothing to loose if you make a habit of starting the day with doa. Ask Allah for forgiveness and ask Allah for the gift of time. Time is a creature created by Allah which means it can be different for everybody. Don't get me wrong everybody gets 24 hours a day and 365 days a year but how long and short the time is totally different for everybody. Some people feel one hour is too short but some people feel one hour is way too long. Time is relative. So it's not impossible to ask Allah for the gift of time and for making your life easier that day, no delay and no unfortunate events happened.

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This is tricky and the hardest thing to do if you are not an organise person. To get the hang of this you need to have a watch with you all the time. Start measuring time especially the time that it need to commute from home to work. When you know the time that you need to get to work, then it's easier to set a cut off time when is the best time to leave for work.Then you need to know how long it takes for you to get ready, the ritual and so on. 
This is important to know because when something unfortunate happened and disturb your routine, you know what tasks to skip so that you can still leave the house on time.


When you are excited about something you tend to be on time for it. So find a reason to excited about work. If you see your work as something mundane and boring then you tend to be late for it. From today shift your mind and perspective.

See your work or job as your first love, you can't wait to be a work, you can't wait to make a difference in the world. I know I know this is harder than it sound. If you can fall in love again with Shah Rukh Khan after watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for the fifteen time, I know you can fall in love with your work again. You just need to remember why you go to work. Even if that reason is to support yourself and your family. 


Tip number seven is a bonus tip. If you have not heard of Kikki K or Erin Condren or planner addict group than I suggest you look them up. Having a cool and beautiful planner can really help you to organise your life better especially when you have so many roles to play. I realised that ever since I have a filofax planner and making them pretty has become an obsession, I tend to look at my planner daily and I can't wait to make lists of things that needs to be done. There are something amazing happened to your brain when you pick up a pen and write or pick up a pencil color and start colouring or draw. You tend to remember things better. 

Hopefully these few tips can help you to improve your life and help to be at work on time. 
Being on time is respectful. It shows your commitment and dedication to your work.

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