Friday, July 10, 2015

Memory keeping for beginner // 6 ways

I have been a memory keeper for as long as I can remember. I think I got this need to keep every thing and take photos of everything from my mother. Now that she's gone I really appreciate all the things that she thought me especially when it comes to printing photos. 

Having something tangible that you can hold, touch and smell is so much more rewarding than looking thing virtually and on the cloud.

If you are wondering if you have the genes or the talent to be a memory keeper, wonder no more. If you do these on your daily basis than you are memory keeper at heart.


1. The simplest way to memory keeping is by using only pen and paper

Pick up a notebook and your favourite pen and start writing. Write all the things that bothers you, anything random that have been lingering in your mind. Your feelings and your emotions are also important to be included in the notebook. 

2. Photos

With only a camera or a phone camera, you can capture life as it happens. Take a lot of photos and if possible take them daily especially those little normal things that when summing it up can represent your life at the moment.

3. Make time 

At the end of the day simply allocate a few minutes to reflect on life. Things you learned, things you discovered, photos you took and write them in your journal. The easiest way to document life is by making lists. #listersgottalists challenge is a good way to start with memory keeping.

4. Choose a medium to host your memory

You can choose any medium that you like to host your memory like notebook, journal, album, pocket album, planner, midi or even your phone. At the beginning choose one that you enjoy using and stick to it. Having a simple system in place can help with developing habit of memory keeping.

5. Choose the right tools

Tools like pens, stickers, papers, water color or digital scrapbook kits can really help to make your journal or planner pretty. Lets face it, looking at something pretty is so much fun and make you want to do more.

6. Have fun

And don't ever forget to have fun. Memory keeping should not be a tasks. It's something that you do capture a part of your life that you find worth to remember. Making things pretty is totally an optional thing when it comes to memory keeping but create something pretty is always a good thing.

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