Saturday, June 27, 2015

Girl Guide: Living with the iPhone 6 plus (3 months update)

I have spent most of my waking hours with my trusty iPhone 6 plus for about three months now. It is safe to say that this phone has never left my side despite it’s bigger design. I was a bit sceptical of this phone at the beginning , mostly due to the bigger screen but after using this phone for three months I am totally digging the bigger screen. 

My intention for this blog post is to give you an idea about the user experience in case you are still considering weather this phone is for you. When it comes to technology, I am a fan girl. I am always looking for something new and creative in technology but after using the iPhone product for the past four years or so, it' hard for me to look at other phone, even though right now I am eyeing the latest Samsung Galaxy Note.

Here are my thoughts on the iPhone 6 plus after using it for three months


1. Everthing is bigger and brighter  

I hate to think that I am getting older but what can you do when your eyesight is reminding you of that every single day. I can see much better and much clearer now with the bigger screen and retina display on my phone. The display is amazingly sharp and reading with my iBook/Kindle app is such a pleasant experience.

2. The Camera

I used to hate the iPhone camera (back in the days of iPhone 4) but now the quality of the camera has improved tremendously. The camera alone makes owing an iPhone 6 plus worth it. I am a mom and a family memory keeper, so I take photos on a daily basis. it’s such a convenient to have a good camera on a phone with you because it’s the only thing that you carry with you where ever you go.

3. Amazing battery life 

When I was using iPhone 5s, I used to charge my phone twice a day just to make it last the whole day. With iPhone 6 plus I rarely charged my phone during the day. For my daily use which consist of picture taking (mostly selfie, checking/replying emails, mobile scrapbooking, taking notes, face book, instagram, photo editing, mobile blogging, FaceTime/phone call, listening to audio book, reading and many more), it can last the whole day without charging. My typical battery life usually are at 50% by 7:00pm without charging during lunch break.

 4. The sound quality is pretty impressive 

I am a fangirl for SONY since as far as I can remember especially when it comes to music. I believe SONY makes the best audio devices. I still think the sound that came out of sony phone , speakers or headphones are great. I have never really care about the quality of sound on an iPhone before until now. The sound does improve from the previous generation. It doesn’t hurt my ears when I listen to music or audiobook from this phone.

5. Most of my scrapbooking / memory keeping is in the iPhone. 

Ever since I have Project Life App on my phone I have been doing most of my scrapbook layouts on my phone. The Dropbox cloud services make it easier to transfer my files from my phone to  my computer for printing ( the printing services is not available in Malaysia yet). The Project Life app alone makes having a bigger screen worth it and so much fun.

In conclusion (somehow I felt like writing an essay), I believe that no matter what brand you choose it's always comes down to what works for you and your lifestyle. Any tecnology that can improves your life is worth having. Technology has evolve and become more personal and intimate with it's owner.

My recommandation : I highly recommend the phone. Don’t be afraid of the bigger screen size if you are used to iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 size. Believe me when I tell you that after using it for a while suddenly the phone fits perfectly in your hand.

If you live in Malaysia, try to get this phone from your mobile carrier like Maxis or Celcom, because the price is so much cheaper. Don't buy from unknown seller because you might get the imitation product and it's totally not the same thing.

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