Sunday, June 21, 2015

forty four and a g-list

Today I celebrate my forty four birthday. I am so thankful and grateful that I got a chance to celebrate my birthday, still alive and kicking. Alhamdulillah.

As always I am so thankful with all the things in my life. Making a g-lists on my birthday has become my personal tradition. Making a list like this really helps me to keep score of things that I am thankful for. Seeing the good in everything really requires a lot of effort and soul searching on my part.


I am thankful for…
* I am still alive to celebrate my 44 birthday
* Alhamdulillah I am able to celebrate Ramadan with my family
* I have my family with me
* My eldest have a driving licence and he got accepted to MMU this Summer
* My job even though I complaint about it a lot
* Empire, Pretty Little Liars, i Zombie, Bones to keep me entertain
* My dad is still with me and he is 70 this year
* I can still smile and be happy with my life even though sometimes it hurts so much
* Insanity Max 30
* I have iPhone 6 plus to amuse me and keep me entertain most of the time
* my beautiful iMac that still going strong after one year and six month with me.
* kindle is finally here. Yeah! Can't wait to read more.
* modern medicine

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