Friday, May 1, 2015

April Favorites


  • I am loving GoodNotes App this month
  • I watched two movies this month- Fast and Furious Seven and The Avengers 2 . I love them both
  • I am happy to know that Spotlight is now open at the Mines Shopping Centre. I think this one is bigger than the one in Ikano Power Centre.
  • This month I bought a lot of planner especially Webster Color Crush Planner - Pink and Gold. I gave the Pink one to my daughter and I kept the Gold one. I also bought Kikki K A5 Large Texture Ocean Planner.
  • I've finished reading Big Little Lies.  Love the book!!!! Highly recommend this.
  • I am doing #listersgottalist challenge this month and I am loving the whole process. I will continue doing this project in May. I am still contemplating weather to use the same notebook or different notebook
  • I received my first box of The Messy Box subscription this month. I am beyond excited! Love the product from ABeautifulmess.
  • I am finally making a review of which iPad Stylus I think works for me. I am so into writing and I have been hunting for the best stylus to use with my iPad. I finally found it.
  • I am thinking of making a few blog post a month about memory keeping. I love memory keeping and I think everybody should do it. It's human nature.
  • I am making my personal mission to document my life in 2015. Life is too precious to let left undocumented.
I hope you had an amazing April. No matter how hard life gets, try to stay positive and look for things to be grateful for.

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