Friday, April 24, 2015

Today I ...


Today I ..
  • have finished reading Big Little Lies Book by Liane Moriarty. Love love the book.
  • am reading the Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
  • am still worry about a lot of things
  • attended Blue Ocean Strategy Seminar at INTAN. I was very interesting class. Red Ocean versus Blue Ocean Strategy
  • am enjoying this month project - #listersgottalist hosted by The Reset Girl
  • have become planner addict. My obsession is getting out of control.
  • already own three planners - Color Crush in Gold, Kikki K Leather Large Black Cherry and Kikki K Textured Leather Large in Ocean.
  • have not buy any clothes or makeup
  • am still using my Key Life Planner on my iPad Air. I still enjoy decorating my digital planner. I got the same high as decorating my paper planner.
  • am making plans for this weekend to celebrate my youngest son birthday.
  • am obsess with Arrow Season 3 and the Flash Season 1. My favorite is episode 8 on both series where characters from both series crossed over.
  • just realised that I have not watched or download any new favourite TV series. I am so into youtube channel lately that somehow I totally forgot about Scandals, CSI , Criminal Minds and many more.
  • am reorganising my Evernote notebook. I need to organise this notebook so that it works perfectly with my lifestyle. Create a system that works for me.
  • am feeling a little bit insecure about life and about myself. I kept second guessing myself. I hate when I am feeling like this. I need to get all of these negativity out of my mind. It's not healthy for me.

Today I is a monthly segment which I write about some random stuffs in my life. It's a form of memory keeping which I intend to write a little titbits about anything random in my life.

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