Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April is for ..


April is for 

  • decorate and plan with my digital planner for April 2015
  • finishing up my #30lists March project. I hit a reset button in the middle of the project and decided to do a different type of listing. My goal is to get the lists finished by end of the week.
  • I will be joining in the fun of continuing listing with #listersgottalists challenge for April. Apparently keeping myself busying with fun and interesting project help me be more productive overall.
  • backing up my March photos to flickr and my iMac
  • finished listening and reading Big Little Lies book. I really enjoy listening to the book so far.
  • Focus on lossing at least 2kg this month. I am not sure if I lost any more kilos in March. Apparently you don't have to exercise to loose weight but you do have to move more and eat less. I have been monitoring what I ate and I tried not to eat unhealthy food.
  • enjoying my Kikki K Planner. And maybe window shopping at the online store more often.
  • waiting patiently for my Messy Box to arrived. It's already shipped from Beautiful Mess headquarters. I subscribe for 12 months and I am looking forward to see what Elise and Emma come up with in the next 11 months. So excited!!!!
  • l am still looking for an inspiration to make a wedding album for my dad. 
  • My motto this months is to do what I love and enjoy every moment of it. Life is short and I just don't have time to be sad or depress! Hemmm maybe I should put this mantra in my planner.

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