Friday, March 20, 2015

The Girl on The Train : Book Review

I picked up this book or rather download this book and bought the audiobook book without really knowing what the story is all about. I was intrigued by the title and I have the feeling that the book has some kind of mystery and darkness.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

What is this book about?
"Intersecting, overlapping, not-quite-what-they-seem lives. Jealousies and betrayals and wounded hearts. A haunting unease that clutches and won’t let go. All this and more helps propel Paula Hawkins’s addictive debut into a new stratum of the psychological thriller genre. At times, I couldn’t help but think: Hitchcockian. From the opening line, the reader knows what they’re in for: “She’s buried beneath a silver birch tree, down towards the old train tracks…” But Hawkins teases out the mystery with a veteran’s finesse. The “girl on the train” is Rachel, who commutes into London and back each day, rolling past the backyard of a happy-looking couple she names Jess and Jason. Then one day Rachel sees “Jess” kissing another man. The day after that, Jess goes missing. The story is told from three character’s not-to-be-trusted perspectives: Rachel, who mourns the loss of her former life with the help of canned gin and tonics; Megan (aka Jess); and Anna, Rachel’s ex-husband’s wife, who happens to be Jess/Megan’s neighbor. Rachel’s voyeuristic yearning for the seemingly idyllic life of Jess and Jason lures her closer and closer to the investigation into Jess/Megan’s disappearance, and closer to a deeper understanding of who she really is. And who she isn’t. This is a book to be devoured. -Neal Thompson" excerpt from

What do I think about the book?
- First of all I was a little bit surprised that the story in the book happened in London. The narrator of the audiobook was so pleasing and has British accent that really helps me to follow the story easily.
- this is my first book by Paula Hawkins. I really like her writing style. She makes me want to know more about the characters. There's nothing perfect about them but that what's makes them real, that what's make them human. I can't help but care deeply about them.
- My only problem with the book was, there's no clear chapter. The table of content only stated the name of three woman - Rachel, Megan and Anna.
- The book definitely deal with all the things that I am worry about - infidelity, husband left you for another woman,  can't let go of the past, forgiveness and trying to make things works in a very bad situation, depression and many more really issues. Somehow this book makes me feel so thankful that my life is really not as bad as I thought. Compared to Rachel, I have a pretty good life. I wonder what story Rachel would make up when she saw me and my husband. Would she see us as a happy couple? Heheheh.... I wonder....
- This book definitely kept me on edge and I was totally surprised when they revealed who the killer was. I did not expect that at all. 
- Love, love the book so much. I also enjoyed listening to the audiobook. 

I highly recommend this book to anybody who loves psychological thriller

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