Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 things // Why I decided to upgrade iPhone 6+

What a surprise?!! After about four months of using iPhone 6 I decided to upgrade to iPhone 6+. Somehow in four months my hands grew and I can handle the size of iPhone 6 without any problem. The size doesn't seems to bother me anymore. Suddenly I feel like iPhone 6 seems small now compare to when I got it last year.

Here are the five reasons why I decided to upgrade to iPhone 6+:

#1. The main reason is the battery life . I heard a lot of great reviews about the battery life of this phone that it is hard to ignore. I use my phone all the time that long battery life is very important to me

#2. The camera of course. I have been using the camera phone ever since I started using sony erricson way back. I love the beautiful photos that I can capture instantly without any effort. It my memory keeping tool that I have with me all the time.

#3. The screen size. I have never thought that one day I will choose a phone base on size. Maybe I am getting older and my vision is not as it used to be. I just have to accept the fact that bigger is so much better. Heheheh...

#4. The curvey design. I never thought that I will fall in love with this phone. Somehow it fits perfectly in my hand like it was made just for me.

#5. I fall in love with Gold. I don't know why this year the color gold seems to grow on me. I have been collecting all things gold since late last year. Since the stock for iPhone 6+ is available I just have to grab it before it's gone

No I am not worry about the "bend gate " thingy. I am sure it's tough enough for my daily used as a girl, a mom and a lady. This phone will not stay in my pocket, come to think of it the last time I put my phone in my pocket was during my iPhone 4 and the phone fell out of my pocket. Since that day my phone stay in my hand or in my handbag.

My only problem is there are lots of my apps that are not design for iphone 6 and iPhone 6+ which makes the app look way bigger. I do hope that those company will upgrade the apps soon.

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