Friday, March 13, 2015

10 things Girl's Guide to the ipad

As most of you know, I have been using ipad since the second generation. Since that day my life has changes tremendously. As a girl and as a mom I found out that there are so many things you can do with your ipad other than browsing your favorite site in bed. 

Here are my top 10 things why I believe that every girl / woman should have an iPad:

1. A device that can be what ever you want it to be. The limit is only in your imagination. It can be your planner, cook book, your journal, your ebook, your clock and many more. 

2. It can be your filofax or day planner. I write about how I set up my digital day planner with my iPad. So far I am getting the same satisfaction as pen and paper just because I can write on them and decorate them to my hearts content. I do believe that the digital version is much much more cheaper compare to the traditional filofax planner.

3. There's literally millions of apps out there. I basically can get an app for most of the thing I am looking for. The local content is also growing even though people in my country are more likely to go for Android. This probably a good business to venture in which is to create more content in Malay.

4. Content creation is much more easier and versatile. With camera and the right app you can basically create anything like digital scrapbook, digital project life, blogging, videos, file manager, scanner and many more. This device can be your one and only personal assistant that you ever need

5. Movie junkie best friend. With the right app you can have any movie that you like and you watch them any where and any time. So convenient.

6. Book lover best friend. If you love reading books, you can literally carry thousands books that you can carry with you. Never a dull moment and a moment pass without reading anything. You can have ibook, kindle, audible or kobo install in this device.

7. Mom little helper. You can install thousands of learning apps and entertainment apps for your toddler. Little kids can use this device in a heartbeat. My kids really learns a lot from the learning apps. I know I know there's a lot of debate about letting your small children using the iPad but from my experience my kid learns counting and abcs from the iPad. 

8. Shopping online is much more accessible. No more turning on your computer when you want to order something online.

9. Personal assistant on the go. God knows as a professional woman and as a mom you really need a personal assistant to help to stay on top of things. You can read your emails, edit your documents with Microsoft Word, take notes either with Evernote or Goodnotes, Schedule appointments with Planner app, set reminders, to do lists, web clippings when you do research and many more.

10. It fits so well in your purse. As a girl and a woman, you basically carry your purse everywhere your go. Having one device that can fit into your purse and can be so many things at one time, is really a life saver. I do believe that in the near future when every store support Apple Pay than you probably don't need to carry your cash or your wallet anymore. This device can be your digital money.

If you are still think about weather you want to invest in an iPad or not, my recommendation is that you should. Believe me, your life is going to be so much better, so much fun and so much creative. 

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