Saturday, February 14, 2015

Today I ..


Today I ..
  • am busy packing
  • am happy to take three weeks off from work
  • am worry about a lot of things
  • am excited to start doing Insanity Max:30 
  • already register with 30 days of lists for March 2015 project. I can't wait to start listing.
  • listening to Patricia Cornwell audiobook - Flesh and Blood. Not sure if I like the book. The narrator wasn't great at all. I find it hard to follow with the storyline.
  • also started to read The Girl on the Train. So far it managed to peak my interest. Definitely not something I am used to reading
  • just love staying at home and be with my kids
  • am hoping that everything will goes smoothly according to plan
  • am loving GoodNotes app on my iPad Air 2. I used digital planner from and I am so obsess with decorating them digitally
  • am obsess with Arrow Season 3 and the Flash Season 1. My favorite is episode 8 on both series where characters from both series crossed over.
  • am deleting old photos from my iPhone to make room for new one
  • am so obsessed with decorating planner and have been watching youtube channels about planner all the time.
  • am still in love with Project Life App by Becky Higgins. The new kit - Project 52 makes creating my weekly layouts easy and fun.

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