Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Polaroid Love Project 2015

Usually every February I participate in Polaroid Project or anything related to Polaroid. I am not really a hard core Polaroid fan but I do love the effect of the Polaroid. I am not a professional photographer, so I don't really love taking polaroid photos using the Instax Mini Camera because the film is expensive and I just can't afford to waste them.

The next best thing to experience polaroid photography is by using your regular camera and use photoshop action to create a polaroid effect like the real thing.

Download the action here and have fun playing with it. I know I did.

polaroid-1 polaroid-2 polaroid-3 polaroid-4 polaroid-5 polaroid-6 polaroid-7 polaroid-8

Now I just need to print these photos and find a way to display them. These photos definitely will not fit my normal Project Life album. Maybe they have a pocket album that can host my polaroid photos. I just have to check what other sizes they have.

1 comment:

ilass said...

i like these polaroid photos.
just like taylor swift on her 1989 album. i like d concept!

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