Friday, February 6, 2015

5 things // What I learned from one year of doing project life 2014

I discovered Project Life in late 2012. At first I thought Project Life is a different way of documenting my story. After reading and researching the philosophy behind Project Life I realized that Project Life is scrapbooking. It's the core of scrapbooking - photos and journaling presented in  more pleasant way, visually. Becky Higgins is brilliant when she came out with the idea. It's what I have been looking for my whole life. Beautiful and practical at the same time.

As always before I try anything tangible I always goes for the digital version of things. It's more easier for me to make things digitally, makes mistakes, delete them and redo them all over again. After I watched Cathy Zielske's Best Practice for Digital Scrapbooking last December 2013, I said to my self that I can do this. It's digital and I can print a photo book with my layouts.

In the early 2014, I decided to do Project 365 ( take a photo a day project- which I have been doing for quiet some time now) and Digital Project Life seems to be the best system to do so. According to Becky Higgins, Project Life was born based on Project 365! How cool is that!

As always I've love list and I thought it would be great to make a list of things I have learned after doing a year of Project Life.


1. Simplify the process

I realized that choose a different template every week was too stressful for me. So early on I decided to use just one or two template every week. Having a predefined template sitting on my computer improved my process tremendously. All I have to do at the end of the week is just insert the photos for the week, some journaling and digital filler, I got a pretty layouts for the week.

2. Using Digital Kits designed for Project Life Helped Me A Lot

As a digital scrapbooker I have tons of digital kits in my collection. Hunting those kits for a perfect journaling cards or fillers can be stressful. I just when to Becky Higgins Digital Shop website and only buy the kit that I need. I kept these type of kits in my Digital Project Life folders for easy access.

3. Plan, plan and plan

After watching Cathy's video, I immediate made a plan and goals on what I want to achieved in 2014. I know I am going to take a photo a day for a year, so I made folders like Cathy suggested ahead of time. Set a weekly time to upload the photos to my folders, label them and write a few thing about the photos that I want to remember either in my blog or my dayone app.

4. Establish a routine / habit

Since I've been doing Project 365 for so long, getting the habit of taking photos daily was not a problem for me. My biggest problem is taking a different type of photos to showcase what my day was like on a daily basis. Have a camera with you all the time really help with the habit of taking a photo a day.

5. Dropbox is the best thing ever

Dropbox really changed my life. All of the folders and the digital kits are sitting inside my Dropbox. This way I can upload my photos directly from my phone and I can access those photos from my computer. It's the best tool ever!

And when Becky introduce Project Life app in September 2014, it totally changed the way I make Project Life layouts. Now I can make my layouts anytime, anywhere. And this app can open all of my files from Dropbox.

I am happy to report that I have finished with my Digital Project Life 2014. I made two photo books with the layouts. One I printed out in the middle of the year and the remaining weeks I printed out earlier this year. I used Photobook Malaysia to make my book. I usually wait when the one I need was on sale before I made my order. That way I can safe a lot of money and the same time I can have a beautiful book that I can enjoy with the rest of the family.

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