Tuesday, January 13, 2015

OLW Create: School Agenda

Currently I am so obsessed with making and decorating my 2015 Daily Planner Digitally using GoodNotes app on my iPad. I just love the freedom that I have when I used pen and paper that finding a good working system has been a challenge.

As part of my journey in creating a good organisational system that I can work with, I decided to create pdf templates which you can use to either print them out or write on them using your iPad. Last Saturday I shared a workout log template that you can use to record your progress on a weekly basis. This week I am going to share with you a School Agenda template for you to use. This template is taylor made for Malaysian school.

I made this template specifically for my daughter. She started her Secondary School last Monday. I know that I can make this template using Number or Excel but I just wanted the feel of writing digitally.

This is my daugther's schedule after I write on them using GoodNotes app. I upload the finished schedule to dropbox and print them out.
This template is available here in pdf format. Enjoy!

[Note: the empty template look like this]

The second template is for when your school starts in the afternoon and you have Friday as a school day.

If you want the jpg format just click on the image.


Unknown said...

Terima kasih emak

Unknown said...

Terima kasih emak

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