Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This last day of 2014....

I would love to take this opportunity to say goodbye to 2014. The year that brought a lot of joy, happiness, heartaches and tragedy into my life. Before saying goodbye to 2014, I would love to make a lists of some random things and events that have happened in my life this year.


Something random in 2014
- my mom passed away this year 08.08.2014 at the aged of 70 due to heart failure. May Allah be with you always. This was the hardest thing I have to face this year.
- I lost a friend to MH370 flight from Malaysia to China which gone missing in March 2014. Until now we still don't know what happened to them
- Malaysia lost another flight in July MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Malaysia. No survivor. It was an incident which should not have happened
- Flickr app is finally on iPad. I have been waiting for this app for two years
- I bought two new iPhones this year. One was iPhone 5s which I bought in March and the other one was iPhone 6 which I bought on November 2014. As always my son inherit my old phone
- I bought iPod touch this year just because I was tired fighting with my toddler for my iPad. This way he still got to play with his educational app without hogging my bigger screen iPad
- My toddler can recognised colors and numbers up to 20. He really learned fast 
- I changed up my morning routine a little bit in December just because I was totally bored with my everyday routine
- I discovered Booktube and suddenly I was getting back to my old hobby which was reading and buying books
- I discovered audible which really speed up my reading time
- I started buying books again at amazon and also at MPH and Kinokuniya. I just wish I have tons of time to sit down and read
- I participate in One Little Word workshop for 2014 with Ali Edward. I choose Write as my One Little Word for 2014. 
- I participate in 30 days of lists in March, September and December 2014
- I get obsessed with Project Life 
- And I also fall in love with Project Life app
- A BeautifulMes app and Party party app from the girls of A Beautiful Mess blog becomes my obsession earlier this year
- In late November I was exploring GoodNotes app with Adonit Jot Scrip stylus and I am totally in love with it. I decided to use GoodNotes as my 2015 Day Planner.
- My weight was not my friend this year. It is very hard for me to see the scale moving down. I really need to up my game next year
- I bought Instax Share Printer this year and totally loving it. Hem I just realised that I bought a lot of gadget this year
- I also bought iMac 21" earlier this year (January 2014) and I immediately feel at home. I bought the iMac at Challenger store. Than later this year, the Challenger store closed down and I don't really know why
- I am still a happy subscriber to Dropbox and Evernote cloud services
- I don't really know why some people just can't leave me alone
- I also bought Samsung Smart TV. I can connect this TV to the internet and watched Youtube. Love watching those HD channel on a big screen.
- Suddenly, out of the blue I was obsessed with Instagram
- Three of my kids took major exam this year - UPSR, PT3 and SPM
- My daughter had to reseat three exam papers due to lack of integrity of some people. This really got me mad just because I don't think that the system works anymore
- I am fighting really hard to save my family and to keep everything together. May Allah be with me and help me
- One of my colleague passed away suddenly during the second day of Ramadan. It was a tragedy. He was only in his early thirties
- Most of people I know and friends with have move to another department or another Ministry this year.
- IOI Mall City open in November this year. I am loving this place so far. They have Sephora, Machine, Maxis, icecape, bowling, GSC, GNC, Bata, Parson, Borders and many more.
- the latest was , the worst flood ever hits Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. Most of the street or highway to that places were closed due to the flood. And School Year starts one week late from schedule due to this natural disaster

WOW! It seems like I can ramble on about random things that happened this year, which will make this entry a little bit longer than usual. So I am just going to stop.
I would love to wish all my readers HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for being a part of hanizeyecandy journey. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!! 

         HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!!!        

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