Monday, December 1, 2014

November Favorites [2014]



  • I am having trouble writing this month. Instead of trying to write a story, I just go back to lists.  I am thinking to join in December 30 days of lists but I am not sure yet.
  • I am still in love with Project Life App. I am using this app for most of my scrapbook layout now. 
  • I am not totally crazy about the phone but I am still in love with it. The size bother me a little but I hope in time I will get use to it.
  • November is definitely not a good reading month for me. I only read one book if I'm not mistaken - Cop Town by Karin Slaughter. I am not going to force myself to read more in December because I am a little busy this month. Trying to cross some of the books from this list.
  • I love Mockingjay movie and I can't wait to read the book
  • I am definitely enjoying going to IOI City Mall. It is definitely my new favourite hang out.
  • App I am loving this month is Afterlight. I have been using this app more than Pic Tap Go this month.
I hope you had an amazing November. No matter how hard life gets, try to stay positive and look for things to be grateful for.

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