Tuesday, November 18, 2014

3 tips: taking photos of your toddler

When your child was a baby, taking photos of him was so much easier. You can posed him anyway you like and he happily comply. Now that my baby has become toddler, taking photos of him is a challenge. His attention is so limited and he only do what he wants.

3 tips: photographing toddler
I have been taking photos of my babies and toddlers for about seventeen years now. Somehow I never get tired of taking photos of them. I really like watching them grow up through camera lens.

Here I would love to share 3 tips that has worked for me when taking photos of toddler

1. Have a prop
Toddler love to play with things. When you give him something to play with they basically ignore what you are doing like taking photos of them playing

2. Have someone else in the room to talk to.
I usually have my daughter around to talk to him and show him how to pose. Showing him where to put his hands or tilt his head is fun and game to him. He usually comply without any problem.


3. Say something fun and random 
Instead of calling his name when you want him to look at the camera, try saying some random words with lots of excitement . He will looked up for a few seconds from what he's doing to see what is going on.

Have fun trying these few tips to get at least some decent photos of your toddler. Oh one more thing, having a fast camera also help. Since toddler can change his mind often, you need something fast to capture the moment.

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