Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Project 365 [Week 23]

Oh boy! What a week! It is a school holiday right here in Malaysia and most of us take a few days off from work to spend it with your lovely family. In week twenty three I was totally not in the the mood for work and I was having a flu that is going around the office. I was so determined to get well because by the end of the week we are going for our school holiday vacation.

Moving on to the photos I captured for the week.


day 153 - Since this Monday I wasn't that busy at the office, I took my kids out for lunch. I don't feel like eating rice today so I took them to San Francisco Pizza.
day 153

day 154 - By Tuesday I just am having a hard time breathing. The cool temperature at the office didn't help with my condition. By evening I have running nose and a mild cough. I think maybe a mild fever.

day 154

day 155 - I took a sick leave on Wednesday. I wanted to take a longer rest because my body is telling me to rest.

day 155

day 156 - I started working again on Thursday and I am still taking antibiotic and I kept my tissues with me all the time.
day 156

day 157 - Friday, I am feeling so much better. It's my day off and it's also our travelling day to JB. I am always happy when I got to wake up early in the morning, no work and I can have breakfast with my family. It's the most precious thing in the world. I can't believe that Hanif is as tall as the orange cone. So cute!
day 157

day 158 - Visiting Universal Studio Singapore for the second time. This time I can ride all the roller coasters ride.
day 158

day 159 - The second day we went to Sea Aquarium, Sentosa Island Singapore. But before entering the giant aquarium we were entertain by all these historical journey through Asia and Southeast Asia. Interesting and educational at the same time.
day 159

These are my life in photos for week twenty three. So many things happened and if I don't take the time to document them I might miss a lot. I still believe when you took the time to document the every day and the good things that happened in your life, you will be more grateful. Just saying.

Do you join Project 365 this year?
 If you do linked up in the comment, I would love to 
see your work and a glimpse of your life in 2014 

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