Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blog Life : 3 reasons why I decided to take the class

I am super excited when I learned that Elsie and Emma launched their new e-course Blog Life. I have always wonder how they grew their blog from a personal blog to a multi million dollar company. I know it can be done but I am not sure if this can happened in Malaysia.

It doesn't take me long to decide if this course is for me. I love reading about people journey to become successful especially these two ladies which I have been following for a really long time. I even read about their engagement and witness their wedding. (Suddenly I feel like a stalker.... hehehe)

Anyway these are three reasons why I decided to buy the e-course even though it is a little bit pricy when you convert it into Ringgit Malaysia.

1. As a previous Blog Love student, I got 20% off discount
I was a Blog Love student and I love it. I love ready about tread secrets and I love to be inspired. These ladies inspired me, so it doesn't take me long to decide. Learning is something Islam encourage us to do. 

2. I wanted to learn how to build a great content
I have be struggling with building a great content lately. I have so many ideas in my mind but it was too scattered and it's very hard for me to organised them and develop content from them. 

3. Simply put I love blogging
I have been blogging for as long as Elsie but I have never really think too much of it. I do it just because I love it. It's an easy and simple way to share my story and to leave my mark. 

If you love blogging than this course is definitely for you. I am not an affiliate to these ladies, I am just a fan who enjoy their course and they inspired me so much. 

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