Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 ways how I used DayOne App

I discovered Day One app when I saw this app was free for a limited time on AppGonesFree. I immediately download it and I have been using it ever since, especially since this year my One Little Word is Write. 

This little things I love about this app:
1. It's available in all of my platform - iPad, iPhone and iMac, so I have the same content everywhere I go
2. It has a reminder that I can set to remind me to journal
3. I just love the clean interface and design both on iPhone & on iMac
4. I love that it has tag. This mean I can search and organise my content faster
5. It has beautiful quotes display every time you open your app and it also rotate with journal prompt that you can use

Here are 5 ways I have been using this app

1. Weight Loss Journey journal
I thought I want a different app for documenting my weight loss journey but I couldn't find anything that I like. Then I  decided to use Day One app - I make at least two entry per day one for documenting what I ate and one for documenting my exercise routine and how I felt about it. And once in a while I will jot down what I thoughts and how I felt about the journey on a separate post. So far it works nicely for me.

2. I document my Project 365 right here
Since this app can only insert one photo for each entry, it's perfect to document a photo a day challenge. I can write and capture my story anywhere, any time

3. My deepest darkest secret
I also use Day One app to document my deepest darkest secret for my eyes only. I love the freedom to write what ever I want without editing and without judgement

4. TV Show and Movies review and thoughts
I love watching all kinds of tv shows and movies. I used Day One to document what movie and TV show I watched and what I like or don't like about it. It's kind of a database for my personal references

5. Blog Ideas
I also used DayOne app to jot down blog ideas. It's available to me anywhere I go and when an idea hit me I can just open my DayOne app on my iPhone , key in my thoughts and tag it as Blog Ideas. It's great way to collect what have been on my mind without worrying of loosing the ideas.

Things I wish they will add in the future
1. Adding video content to daily post
2. Link to movie, books database for reference
3. Have more template to play with
4. More fonts to choose from or have the flexibility to add your own fonts
5. Add more than one photos to each post
6. Have a web version so I can view my content on windows platform

Do you used DayOne app?
Or do you used any other journaling tools on your mobile devices ?
Do  you have any suggestion what other
journaling apps I should check out?
Let me know.

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