Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5 things why I love Phonto app

I have been using Phonto for a long time but mostly for adding text on my photos, I have never tried anything else. Lately I discovered that this app can do more than adding fonts on your photo. And I have been playing and exploring what this app can do like crazy.

5 things why I love Phonto
1. I can install my own fonts. Other than that the apps came with lots of beautiful fonts that you can play with.

2. You can add your text basically any where on your photos. It's totally adjustable, moveable and curveable

3. You can crop your photos to make it square ready for instagram. And you can totally share your photo to Instagram directly from this app.

4. It's totally free. The app came with a few in app purchased if you want to add something more like shapes, papers or even photo filters. The build in fonts, items, backgrounds and filters are sufficient enough to turn your photo into a work of art

5. I can make things like this just by using Phonto

Edited with #Phonto. @phontograph tiba tiba obses pulak dengan app ni

This app is available on iPhone, iPad and android. You should give this app a try and explore your creativity because there are so many things you can do with it right on your mobile devices.

To download your own fonts to Photo, you can used as suggested which is using iTunes to copy your fonts directly to the app.
I usually email myself a font or fonts I want to use. I opened the email from my iPhone or iPad , click on the fonts file and then choose Open in.. Phonto. The font you choose will be installed automatically to Phonto. It's much faster and easier for me to do that.

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