Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 iphone apps for memory keeping

I have been using my iPhone for almost everything ever since I got one back in 2011. One thing I never thought I would do with this phone is taking photos. I have never thought I would use this phone as my main camera. I was a DSLR user and I love the quality I got from the camera. Lately I realised that most of my monthly photos are sitting on my iPhone and not on my DSLR camera. I realised that the quality of the iPhone photos have improve and it's good enough for 4x6 print.  I have also been using a lot of apps on my phone for memory keeping.

These are five apps that I have been using a lot on my phone. And I put all these apps on my scrapbook folder.

1. Pic Tap Go
I basically use Pic tap Go to edit my photos for project 365. It has build in filter which you can mix and match to make your own filter recipes. You can also share your photos to instagram directly from the app

2. Phonto
I have been using Phonto for a really long time. It's one of the oldest app out there for adding text on your photo


3. A Beautiful Mess app
ABM is the only app I bought on the first day of released. I know it's going to be amazing. I used this when I want something extra and different and a touch of Elsie and Emma on my photos.

4. Labelbox
I used labelbox app to add label and date on my photos. It has many beautiful labels to choose from.

5. Instant
I am obsessed with polaroid photos. And I used Instant app to create the original polaroid photos. I don't really like the fonts in the app. I used Phonto app to add the fonts on this photo.

Another 5 app that is nice app to have

1. Dropbox - I basically use Dropbox to organised my Project 365 and Project Life files. I basically choose my photos daily and upload them to dropbox on a weekly folder. And I also keep all my Digital Project Life kits on my dropbox.

2. Flickr - to upload your photos automatically to flickr. Since flickr gave everybody free 1TB space, it's a brilliant idea to just upload all your iPhone photos to your flickr. It will be set to private automatically and if you want to share some of the photos you can make it public from the app.

3. Instax share - to print your photos on Instax Share Printer

4. Instaweather - you can use this app to capture the weather at the moment. It's a good tools to document what the weather was like

5. Instaplace - I use this app to capture the place where I was at that moment. Sometimes it's not that accurate but it's close enough as a remembrance of where you were.

[All the app that I mention in this post might be available on Android. Some of them cost money and some of them are free.]

Do you used your mobile phone for memory keeping?
What app do you use?
If you like this type of content let me know.

Thanks for spending the time with me.

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