Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wreck this Journal #1

I have been suck into Wreck this journal world ever since I saw some youtube videos about it. Some of them are too damn pretty and artsy and some of them are just plain destruction. I am am not sure if I am too old for these weird prompts but one thing is for sure, it requires creative interpretation and some does of fun. 
My take on this challenge will not be anything gross, I will always of for a prettier version. Like Keri said Instructions are open to interpretations. I spend almost RM50 for the journal, so I am going to make it pretty the best possible way that I can. 

I choose the red one just because I love colour
Poke holes

Draw fat lines and thin


Tear Strips and rip it up

Glue, staples or tape this pages together wreck05

Fill this page with circles wreck06

Tear up, CRUMPLE

Write one word over and over again wreck08

Glue a random page from newspaper wreck09

Cover this page in tape

Close the journal, write something on the edges wreck11

So far I am having so much fun doing it especially when it involves colouring and glueing things in the book. I came from a generation where you have to colour inside the lines and you have to respect your book. Wreck this journal is definitely not inside my comfort zone. It's difficult sometimes to do it but somehow it's liberating and fun.
Wreck this journal is a book created by Keri Smith  is a bestselling author, illustrator, and thinker. Her books demonstrate a 'learn by doing approach', and are being used in school curriculums all over the world as a way of fostering non-traditional methods of exploration. She also teaches and conducts workshops based on her non-traditional techniques across North America. Her books include: Wreck This Journal, How to Be an Explorer of the World, This is Not a Book, Mess - A Manual of Accidents and Mistakes, Finish This Book, and Pocket Scavenger. She enjoys spending time with her husband, experimental musician Jefferson Pitcher, and two children Tilden and Ida.

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