Friday, April 11, 2014

Today I...


Today I...

  • decide to wake up and smile even though we don't have running water 
  • am excited to go to work because it's the last day of work for the week
  • am looking forward to spend weekend with my family
  • decide to do P90X in the evening. Somehow I lack energy in the morning to do cardio
  • am looking for a new outfit for the month including shawl/hijab
  • plan to watch Riddick. I watched Man of Steel last night and it's kind of a sad movie and it felt like an alien invasion movie. I guess all these years I have never thought Superman / Clark Kent as an alien
  • am still dreaming of owning a macbook pro 
  • intend to be more aggressive with loosing weight. I have been struggling with this issues since the last two years. It is really not easy for me to loose even 1kg per week. I really really have to watch what I ate
  • wanted to spend a lot of time taking photos and generate more content into my new release blog --> Check me out at Something Random
  • have been daydreaming about time travel. If time travel possible I would love to visit 1960's  
  • am loving my One Little Word project so far, it's such an amazing experience. This month is all about photos. I intend to capture a lot of daily and random photos this month and document them in my One Little Word journal.
  • am thinking about doing a little bit of at home facial this evening
  • so far my plan to make Today I ... as a monthly segment has been going on well
  • am exploring post it note function on my Evernote mobile. I can that this will be something that I would be using again and again
  • am wondering when will the water crisis end since it's raining every single day without fail

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