Thursday, March 20, 2014

#thursday3 // 20.03.2014

I am excited today because I am working outside of the office and place where I have to go is closer to home. So I am able to save on time and I got a few extra minutes to do things I love which is kissing and hugging my baby boy.



#1. The missing flight MH370 is still missing. It seems like there's no official news about the whereabout of the flight and the passengers. I pray to Allah that my friend Sofuan is safe and he has a chance to come home soon.

#2. I cooked two days in a row for dinner. Suddenly I have this craving to eat pasta. I copy Bethany Mota recipe which is super easy to make.

#3. I watched the latest three episodes of Greys Anatomy season 10. So full of drama and complicated relationships..

"Think about it this way…If you take one picture and write down three facts each week — at the end of the year you’ll have more than 50 photos of yourself and 150 facts about what life has been like. It would make such an epic All About Me book — and most of the work is already done."excerpt from

Follow along each week using the hashtag #thursday3 dan tagged me @hanizeyecandy. I want to see your selfie and read about you

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