Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One Little Word // the journey so far

March is here and just like that I received an email from Ali for my next assignment-- the vision board. I have never made any vision board before and this seems like a fun and challenging assignment for me.
Before I start with my March assignment, here are my progress so far. February was definitely the shortest month ever! It feels like just like yesterday I was writing my January Reflection and now I am already finished writing my February reflection. I still didn't get a chance to share my action plan (the February assignment) right here in my blog. So I only came up with six action plan. Maybe along the way I will add another six more. We will see how it goes and move on from there.

This is my January Reflection. I resize the template and recolor them in photoshop. I typed in my thoughts for January and print them on A4 paper with a reduced size 80% so that it can fit on my notebook.

I did not use the action card template from the workshop. I cut a white cardstock paper to 2x3 and paste them in the notebook. I arranged the card with the Project Life card to my liking.
Action-a copy Action-b copy

I repeat the same process for February reflection. Since my one little word is Write, I am writing my thoughts and my feelings a little bit longer than usual.

I really like the process of playing with my word and making a journal out of it.

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